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"The grand challenges of Science Robotics"

by Yang, Guang-Zhong; Bellingham, Jim; Dupont, Pierre E; Fischer, Peer; Floridi, Luciano; Full, Robert; Jacobstein, Neil; Kumar, Vijay; McNutt, Marcia; Merrifield, Robert; Nelson, Bradley J; Scassellati, Brian; Taddeo, Mariarosaria; Taylor, Russell; Veloso, Manuela; Wang, Zhong Lin; Wood, Robert (2018)


One of the ambitions of Science Robotics is to deeply root robotics research in science while developing novel robotic platforms that will enable new scientific discoveries. Of our 10 grand challenges, the first 7 represent underpinning technologies that have a wider impact on all application areas of robotics. For the next two challenges, we have included social robotics and medical robotics as application-specific areas of development to highlight the substantial societal and health impacts that they will bring. Finally, the last challenge is related to responsible innovation and how ethics and security should be carefully considered as we develop the technology further.


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