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"Legal jobs in the age of artificial intelligence: moving from today's limited universe of data toward the great beyond"

by Segal, Philip (2018)


When telephones were new, many respectable lawyers would not have one on their desks. Senior partners greeted word processors and computers the same way in the 1970s. Those efficiencies were unstoppable, and in their presence more law jobs were produced than ever before. What we call artificial intelligence is no different. Messengers and typists lost their jobs when legal and non-legal firms adopted word processing, computers, email, voicemail, and other new technology. They were replaced with more people who could add more value. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will do the same thing: out will go the lawyers who do repetitive, uncreative work. Lawyers who survive will need particular skills to manage the machines that will make law more productive and therefore more affordable. The productivity will make room for lawyers in brand new fields-some foreseeable and some not.


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