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"How to Attract and Retain Generation Y Employees? An Exploration of Career Choice and the Meaning of Work"

by Wong, Ipkin Anthony; Wan, Yim King Penny; Gao, Jennifer Hong (2017)


This study investigates Generation Y employees' career choices and selection criteria as well as the underlying needs each criterion fulfills. A career choice ladder is presented to conceptualize the hierarchical nature of the criteria and career needs. This study also explores the relationship of the meaning of work to Generation Y employees' career choices and how it may influence their commitment outcomes. It adopts a longitudinal qualitative inquiry approach. This study bridges the gap in the literature between employee motivation and career/job choices. It offers a fuller understanding of the specific attributes and dimensions of career choices and their interrelationship with employee motivations.


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Generation Y, Empirical Study


Meaningful Work

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