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"Comparison between the psychodynamics of work and stress models in the treatment of work-related decompensation"

by Benelbaz, Jonathan (2017)


The aim of this article is to describe a study on methods of managing suffering in the workplace. The study set out to perform a comparative analysis between care practitioners based in France and Sweden. The research examines clinical fields in the two countries, marked by different scientific orientations: the psychodynamics of work and stress models. Analysis of the results of the study was based on a qualitative survey conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews regarding the treatment of individuals suffering at work from forty-two practitioners in the two countries. The results of the study showed that the practitioners surveyed relied on different methodologies, while the stages of care were identical regardless of the therapeutic resources they made use of.


Psychodynamics Of Work, Care Work, Stress Model, Qualitative Study, Empirical Research, Therapeutic Work


Dejours, Christophe, Psychological Centrality of Work

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