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"A Study of Meaningful Work, Hope and Meaning in Life in Young Professional Artists"

by Vidwans, Sagar S; Raghvendra, Parinita (2016)


The objective of the present study was to examine the relationship of meaningful work, hope and meaning in life of young professional artists. It was hypothesized that meaningful work and hope will predict variance in meaning in life. A group of 103 young, unmarried and full time professional artists (53 males & 50 females) were taken in the study. Work and meaning, Adult hope scale, and Meaning in life questionnaire were administered. The study was conducted in 2016. Both the groups were found statistically different except on meaningful work, as a result of that separate analysis was carried out. The correlation of meaning in work and presence of meaning life was found statistically significant (0.60 p<.01 males & females combined). The correlation of hope and presence of meaning in life was also found statistically significant in males and females (0.53 p<.01 in males & 0.53 p<.01in females). The further regression analysis was conducted and it was found that meaningful work and hope predicted presence of meaning in life.


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Empirical Study, Positive Psychology, Art, Artist, Artistic Labour


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