For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"The development of the psychosocial dimension of work"

by Van Belleghem, Laurent; De Gasparo, Sandro; Gaillard, Irène (2014)


The recent social and political emergence of 'psychosocial hazards' in France, Europe, and several industrialized countries such as Canada, Australia, or Japan, has questioned ergonomics to an unusual degree. Although ergonomics is, quite rightly, called upon to respond to this challenge - undoubtedly PSH's have an impact on human work - it cannot do so without first reinstating, in its model of human activity, the physical and social dimensions of work, which had so far been largely absent from the literature, and in doing so, reinstating in this model a theory of the acting subject.


Ergonomics, Pschosocial Hazards, Acting Subject, Physical Work


On Honneth, Social recognition, Feminist Political Economy, Critical Theory of Work

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