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"Exploring Differences in Work's Meaning: An Investigation of Individual Attributes Associated with Work Orientations"

by Shea-Van Fossen, Rita J; Vredenburgh, Donald J (2014)


To understand better the meanings of work for individuals, we explored work orientation and examined empirically individual attributes of proactive personality, concern for others, concern for self, preference for challenging work, and work enjoyment as related to job, career and calling work orientations. Age, income, and employment security were identified as control variables. Our data derived from an online survey of full-time blue-collar and corporate employees in the auto industry (n = 251). Our study findings suggest preference for challenging work differentiates job, career, and calling orientations. We discuss the implications of our findings and suggest areas for future research.


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Job Security, Personality, Empirical Study


Meaningful Work

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