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"The Question of Organization: A Manifesto for Alternatives"

by Parker, Martin; Cheney, George; Fournier, Valerie; Land, Christopher (2014)


This paper is an attempt to articulate some general principles which might guide anarchist thinking about organized alternatives to market managerialism and might be read as a sort of manifesto for defining ‘the alternative’. That is to say, it describes what we include in our list of useful possibilities, and what to exclude on the grounds that it doesn’t fit with our definition of what counts as sufficiently different from the present. We suggest three principles which we believe that radicals should be guided by – autonomy, solidarity and responsibility – and that we think any reflection on the politics of organizing needs to deal with. We wish to encourage forms of organizing which respect personal autonomy, but within a framework of co-operation, and are attentive to the sorts of futures which they will produce. This is a simple statement to make but it produces some complex outcomes since gaining agreement on any of these ideas is not a simple matter.


Alternative Organisation, Anarchy, Anarchism, Managerialism, Autonomy, Solidarity, Cooperation


Organisation and Management Studies

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