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"Examining Social Class and Work Meaning Within the Psychology of Working Framework"

by Allan, Blake A; Autin, Kelsey L; Duffy, Ryan D (2014)


In this article, we used the psychology of working framework to examine how social class relates to the experience of meaningful work with two samples of working adults. In Study 1, participants in higher social classes were more likely to experience work meaning than people in lower social classes. Regardless of class, participants reported serving others or contributing to the greater good as the primary source of their work’s meaning. In Study 2, we used a latent, multiple mediator model to test whether the three components of work volition mediated the relation between social class and work meaning. The model was a good fit to the data and partially supported our hypotheses. Specifically, volition and financial constraints fully mediated the relation between social class and work meaning, suggesting that social class may be linked to work meaning due to increased volition and decreased financial constraints.

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Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Psychology, Happiness, Well-Being, Social Class, Work Volition


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