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"Predicting Meaning in Work: Theory, Data, Implications"

by Schnell, Tatjana; Höge, Thomas; Pollet, Edith (2013)


Literature on meaning in work indicates that a sense of meaning in work is inherently subjective, but impacted by different contexts. In the present paper, these contexts are operationalized by three inter-related levels: individual, work tasks, and organizational. Meaning in work is conceptualized in line with findings from an extensive research program exploring meaning in life. Analogously to meaning in life, meaning in work is defined as a sense of coherence, direction, significance, and belonging in the working life. Against this background, meaning in work and potential predictors have been measured and tested. A survey of employees from a broad variety of professions (N = 206) was conducted. As indicated by hierarchical multiple regression analysis, work-role fit, the significance of work tasks, socio-moral climate, and organizational self-transcendent orientation contribute positively to the prediction of meaning in work. Overall, the predictors account for 46% of the variance in meaning in work.

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Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Well-Being, Psychology, Empirical Study, Positive Psychology


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