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"The Future of the Legal Profession"

by Daicoff, Susan Swaim (2011)


The legal profession , if not the world, is in crisis. According to the Chinese, the written character for 'crisis' also denotes danger and opportunity, simultaneously.' If crisis brings opportunity, then the profession is at a turning point.2 … It is estimated that 80 per cent of Americans cannot afford a lawyer, resulting in unequal access to justice.' At the same time, the number of lawyers has almost tripled in the United States since 1970,4 contributing to increased economic … 5 See Patricia Lee Refo, 'The Vanishing Trial' (2004) 30(2) Litigation 1. 6 See Jeff Rifleman, Mandatory …


Law, Lawyers, Legal Profession, Stress, Ethics, Millenial Generation, Psychology


Professions, Future of Work, AI and Law, AI and Computerisation

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