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"Doing Things Right, or Doing the Right Things? Call Centre Migrations and Dimensions of Knowledge"

by Van den Broek, Diane (2008)


The nature of call centre `logics' and their predominance in routine commercial areas of the economy underscored much of the early research into call centre operations. Recent regulatory, structural and technological developments in advanced economies underscored subsequent migrations of call centres from the private to the public sector (Glucksman, 2004;Taylor and Bain, 2007). Further call centre migrations have also occurred into more skilled occupations in the public sector. Drawing on published and unpublished research on in-bound call centres operating in social work and nursing in the UK and Australia, this discussion analyses the dual migration of call centres from routine commercial operations to professional public sector services.The following discussion recognizes the viability of cost efficient and customer service dualities, however, given shifts into more complex areas of service delivery, pre-existing norms of professional practice became another important driver of call centre labour processes.


Automation, Machines, Technology, Call Centre, Knowledge Migration, British Context, Australian Context, Empirical Study, Nursing, Social Work, Social Service


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