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"Transformational Leadership and Psychological Well-being: the Mediating Role of Meaningful Work"

by Arnold, Kara A; Turner, Nick; Barling, Julian; Kelloway, E Kevin; McKee, Margaret C (2007)


Two studies investigated the relationship between transformational leadership, the meaning that individuals ascribe to their work, and their psychological well-being. In Study 1, the perceptions of meaningful work partially mediated the relationship between transformational leadership and positive affective well-being in a sample of Canadian health care workers (N=319). In Study 2, the meaning that a separate sample of service workers (N=146) ascribed to their work fully mediated the relationship between transformational leadership and psychological well-being, after controlling for humanistic work beliefs. Overall, these results support and add to the range of positive mental health effects associated with transformational leadership and are suggestive of interventions that organizations can make to improve well-being of workers.


Meaningful Work, Meaning Of Work, Psychology, Happiness, Well-Being, Canada, Empirical Study, Health, Health Care, Health Service Work


Meaningful Work

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