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"Employee Participation in Britain: From Collective Bargaining & Industrial Democracy to Employee Involvement & Social Partnership--Two Decades of Manchester/Loughborough Research"

by Ackers, Peter; Marchington, Mick; Wilkinson, Adrian; Dundon, Tony (2006)


This article reports on two influential collective research projects on Employee Participation in Britain, conducted by Manchester/Loughborough academics. This comparative case- study, with a longitudinal element, has allowed us to trace the development of Employee Participation over a decade or more, from a Management approach centred on adversarial trade unions and collective bargaing to one focused on new (non-union) froms of Employee Involvement (EI) and, in some cases, partnership with unions. Our research concludes that important developments have taken place in organisations approach to managening employees - rejecting the radical view that EI and partnership are phantom forms of participation.


Participation, Bargaining, Unions, Empirical Research, Empirical Study


Democracy and Work

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