For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Heidegger on Nature"

by Cooper, David E (2005)


The primary purpose of the paper is the broadly exegetical one of explaining and connecting Heidegger's many remarks, made in several different contexts of enquiry, on nature. The three main contexts are those of ontology, scientific methodology, and technology. After showing how Heidegger's central theses in these contexts are related to one another, I argue, in the final section, that his observations on scientific method are pivotal. Unless these are secured, his further claims about ontology and technology lose their essential support.

Key Passage

From this hegemony of technology, further developments of a monstrous kind ensue. For one thing, the technological view of nature comes to encompass human beings, so that 'man himself will have to be taken as standing-reserve'. Human beings become 'manpower', 'human resources' and the like. And human nature itself is in danger of being put on tap. (p.346)


Technology, Science, Nature, Heidegger, Environment, Environmentalism


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