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Personality at Work: Individual Differences in the Workplace

by Furnham, Adrian (2002)


Personality at Work examines the increasingly controversial role of individual differences in predicting and determining behaviour at work. It asks whether psychological tests measuring personality traits can predict behaviour at work, such as job satisfaction, productivity, as well as absenteeism and turnover. Importantly, it is a critical and comprehensive review of that literature from psychology, sociology and management science which lies at the interface of personality theory, occupational psychology and organizational behaviour.Drawing on a vast body of published material, Adrian Furnham describes for the first time current state of knowledge in this area. The result is a volume which will be an enormously useful resource to the researcher and practitioner, as well as students of psychology, management science and sociology. Personality at Work is the only exhaustive and incisive multi-disciplinary work to assess the role of psychological testing in the management of the work place.


Personality, Social Psychology, Personality Trait, Personality Theory, Sociology, Occupational Psychology, Management Science


Psychological Centrality of Work

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