For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Emotion, learning and organizational change"

by Antonacopoulou, Elena P; Gabriel, Yiannis (2001)


Develops an understanding of the complex interface between emotion and learning and highlights the special contribution of psychoanalytic insights in understanding individuals’ reactions to organizational changes. Explores the extent to which emotions are products of learning, the ways in which emotions facilitate or inhibit learning, and the ways in which learning redefines and re‐organizes emotions at both an individual and an organizational level. The analysis shows the interdependence between emotion and learning and highlights many of the subtleties of individuals’ reactions to change that current research into individuals’ adaptability to organizational change tends to neglect. Reviews some of the implications of the psychodynamic explication of emotion and learning to our understanding of individuals’ reactions to organizational change.


Psychodynamics Of Work, Organisational Change, Change, Emotion, Stress, Learning, Adaptability, Psychoanalysis


Psychological Centrality of Work

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