For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical Management Studies"

by Fournier, Valerie; Grey, Chris (2000)


We have recently witnessed a growing, if still arguably marginal, interest in `Critical Management Studies' (CMS). Our aim in this paper is to reflect upon the popularization of CMS; more specifically, we propose to examine the various factors that have contributed to its emergence, and to review the significance of its project. We start by exploring the conditions of possibility for CMS and point to a combination of political, institutional and epistemological trends. In the second part of the paper, we consider what constitutes `CMS' and suggest that whilst it draws upon a plurality of intellectual traditions, CMS is unified by an anti performative stance, and a commitment to (some form of) denaturalization and reflexivity. Finally, we articulate the polemics around which CMS politics have been contested, in particular we review the debates between neo-Marxism and post-structuralism, and discuss the issue of engagement with management practice.


Critical Management, Managerialisation, Performativity, Critical Management Studies, Marxism, Neo-Marxism


Critical Management Studies

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