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The Conquest of Bread and Other Writings

by Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich (1995)


The Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin was the world's foremost spokesman of anarchism at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. The Conquest of Bread is his most detailed description of the ideal society, embodying anarchist communism, and of the social revolution that was to achieve it. Marshall Shatz's introduction to this edition traces Kropotkin's evolution as an anarchist, from his origins in the Russian aristocracy to his disillusionment with the Russian Revolution, and the volume also includes a hitherto untranslated chapter from his classic Memoirs of a Revolutionist, which contains colourful character-sketches of some of his fellow anarchists, as well as an article he wrote summarising the history of anarchism, and some of his views on the Revolution.


Anarchy, Anarchism, History, Russian Context, Communism, Anarchist Communism, Social Change, Social Revolution, Aristocracy, Revolution


Kropotkin, Anarchism

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