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Edmund Husserl's Origin of Geometry. An Introduction

by Derrida, Jacques (1989)

Key Passage

When Husserl farther on devotes a few lines to the production and evidence of geometrical sense as such and its own proper content, he will do so only after having determined the general conditions of its Objectivity and of the Objectivity of ideal objectivities. Thus, only retroactively and on the basis of its results can we illuminate the pure sense of the subjective praxis which has engendered geometry. The sense of the constituting act can only be deciphered in the web of the constituted object. And this necessity is not an external fate, but an essential necessity of intentionality. The primordial sense of every intentional act is only its final sense, i .e . , the constitution of an object (in the broadest sense of these terms) . That is why only a teleology can open up a passage, a way back toward the beginnings.  (p.64)


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