For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Work and Self-Respect"

by Meyers, Diana (1987)


This book focuses on the moral problems that arise for people who labor in ordinary places -- factories, schools, mines, stores, and farms. Moral Rights in the Workplace examines problems of freedom and coercion that develop on the job, issues of the right to meaningful work, occupational health and safety, whistleblowing, the right to union organization, unemployment, and the flight of factories, the rights of health care workers, and workers' self-management. Issues of employment discrimination such as comparable worth, seniority, affirmative action, and worksharing that have been given scant attention in other books are also discussed.


Morality, Ethics, Rights, Respect, Psychology, Autonomy


Workplace Democracy, Rights at Work, Autonomy, Political Theory, Ethical Centrality of Work

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