For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Anatomy of Autonomy"

by Berardi, Franco (1980)

Key Passage

"Autonomy involves liberation from work, and suppression of the general formal conditions of capitalist domination. The breakdown of this domination can thus be conceived (and put into effect) as a subjective mode (in the Movement toward autonomy) of a process in which capital determines the material conditions for the reconstruction, without reproducing the formal conditions of the previous system." p. 70 ()


Autonomy, Italy, Capitalism, Revolutionary Movement, Politics, Class Struggle, University, Workers Movement, Feminism, Economic Crisis, Proletarian, Domination


Socialism and Work, Political Theory of Work, Domination, Autonomism


Becker, J.; Reid, R.; Rosenbaum, A.



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