For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

"Trade and Usury"

by Luther, Martin (1955)


THE HOLY GOSPEL condemns and points out all sorts of works of darkness, as Saint Paul calls them, Romans, 13, 12; for it is a bright light that shines for all the world, and teaches how evil are the works of the world, and shows the right works which one should do towards …

Key Passage

The rule ought to be, not: I may sell my wares as dear as I can or will, but: I may sell my wares as dear as I ought, or as is right and proper. For your selling ought not to be a work that is entirely within your own power and will, without law or limit, as though you were a god and beholden to no one; but because this selling of yours is a work that you perform toward your neighbor, it must be so governed by law and conscience, that you do it without harm and injury to your neighbor, and that you be much more concerned to do him no injury than to make large profits. (p.10)


Luther, Protestantism, Usury, Trade, Political Economy, Economic History, Theology, Natural Law, Reformation, Theology


Luther, Protestantism, Religious Views on Work

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