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"The Origins of Totalitarianism: A Reply"

by Arendt, Hannah (1953)


Much as I appreciate the unusual kindness of the editors of the Review of Politics who asked me to answer Prof. Eric Voegelin's criticism of my book, I am not quite sure that I decided wisely when I accepted their offer. I certainly would not, and should not, have accepted if his review were of the usual friendly or unfriendly kind. Such replies, by their very nature, all too easily tempt the author either to review his own book or to write a review of the review. In order to avoid such temptations, I have refrained as much as I could, even on the level of personal conversation, to take issue with any reviewer of my book, no matter how much I agreed or disagreed with him.


Arendt, History, Historical Theory, Historical Method, Method, Analysis


The Origins of Totalitarianism [1951], Arendt Citations

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