For Work / Against Work
Debates on the centrality of work

A Treatise of Political Economy

by Say, Jean-Baptiste (1850)

Key Passage

In a society ever so little advanced in civilisation, no single individual produces all that is necessary to satisfy his own wants; and it is rarely that an individual, by his single exertion, creates even any single product; but even if he docs, his wants are not limited to that single article; they are numerous and various, and he must,therefore, procure all other objects of his personal consumption, by exchanging the overplus of the single product he himself creates beyond his own wants, for such other products as he stand in need of. And,by the way, it is observable, that, since individual producers, in every line, keep for their own use but a very small part of their own products; the gardener, or the vegetables he raises, the baker of the bread he bakes, the shoemaker, of the shoes he makes, and so of all others; the great bulk, nay, almost the whole of the products of every community, arrive at consumption by the medium of exchange. (p.217)


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